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Still 4 days

Still 4 days, then I am finally 14. I hope times that this birthday
becomes nice. I don´t like my birthdays. 14 is a stupid age. Well, we leave this now.


Yesterday I have found out that aunt Betty (or how one writes this) has died. I could not be marked it, but I am quite sad. I remembered a pencil which she has given me sometimes because I have brought in the old schoolhouse by my grandma, sometimes drinks and have collected dishes. I heard that her husband (his name does not occur to me now) quite by the way had mentioned when Antonia came to Thanks giving. I do not understand this. But I also do not want to understand it maybe. Okay, I will get over it.


I come along worries about my grandma. She is lately so different. This struck not only me, no, also of my mother. I hope that everything is okay.


 The quarrel between Marko and my mother has probably become quieter again. Thus I think at least. I have done many thoughts to myself really because I know the Marko only since pair of months and I was afraid that he does not announce himself now to me any more. But I simply hope that it becomes whole again. Any more I can´t also do.


 It was this for today. Now I am also quite tired. Good night sleep well and sweet dreams your Tamsen

26.11.06 01:42

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